I find these this particular set of sculptures of the body incredibly interesting because of how each mould is simplified further and further until it is left with the simple basic outline of the human form. This first figure in the collection is the most detailed of the set and really shows the details of the body. However as the bodies become more simplified it made me see the distortion in the body more and how the "perfect figure" is often just layered on over the body as a idealistic idea of what is desirable. However, often unrealistically achievable. 

While continuing to work on my final garment, I found this image particularly interesting because of the way the Childs legs are bound together. Personally when I saw this image it visually showed the same message as an actually image of female circumcision would, with the same idea of being forcefully distortion and bound shut. For my final piece I have decided to use ballet ribbons along with robe and use it to knot across the body to show restriction and distortion of the body. 

This image is very fitting to my more initial research as it looks at the restriction of the body and not having a voice or any form of equality. I find this image powerful because of the amount of emphasis thats put on the binding of the lips, while also using the lips to symbolise the vagina. I very much connect this image to the idea of taking away someones voice and taking away someones rights to be one of the same. Throughout creating my final piece I plan on looking at the binding and restricting of the body while also looking at the way the body is exposed and how and distorted for the view of society. 

Today at the Tate Modern I sae this display that I found really interesting. Upon walking into the room, the lights are off and it appears to be nothing more than a dark room. However, the pointe of the display is that one views it by taking photos with a flash camera, blurring the line between what you see and what you remember. I found this interesting as well as I found it related to my project in the sense of seeing only certain aspects of a person or their body and not themselves as a whole. One only sees where they choose to shine the light when it comes to people, everything else is kept in the dark.

Although a lot of my research had to do with the distortion of the body and shape. I found this relevant to my research because of how you can see the inside via the circular patterns These circular shapes are a very important part of my final garment as I used them to look onto whatever is "underneath" the body/second skin. I find it interesting how you can look through the borrows and see whats"inside," almost like looking through a magnifying glass to see deeper and into more detail that one couldn't see with the naked eye.

While at the Tate modern I saw this instalment of paper blocks Sith the words "leftovers" written on the front and what appears to be blood seeping through. This brought me back to some of my initial research with letting whats "on the inside be shown on the outside." Same with how a bandaid covers a scrape or ballet tights cover-up bleeding feet.

I decided to include this images in my research because when though it does not show distortion, I really liked how the image is going through the shapes in the coloured canvases, showing something that was once covered up, coming through and being seen by society.

In a lot of the imaged that I have come across while visiting different galleries and exhibitions I have seen the perfect circles representing breasts on the human figure. I found this image particularly interesting because it incorporated two ideas that I have distorted to look very closely at, the circles, was well as the patchwork/blocks of colour. I have started to look at the blocks of colour as representing emotion in my work and the mess of things that goes on underneath the simplicity that is often only ever seen. 

-Interesting shapes and colours 

-Loose representation of the body 

-Rough, unclean edges

-Circular shapes engraved and dug out of the sculptures 

-Colour, shape, and texture to portray emotion 

Distortion of the face.

The separation of the body in this work really made me look at how a persons personality if made up of different parts and pieces that in the end make up the person as a whole which is judged as a whole by society.

The binding of the box of this pointe shoes is meant to help with balancing while on pointe. However I was really drawn again to the circular shapes and the look of being bound and distorted in one place, especially when then relating it to the body.

I find this image incredibly powerful. The symbolism of the delicate flower while still showing the restriction with the dark thread to showing visually something soft that is being bound, destroyed, and distorted. Elements in this photo that I find particularly powerful are,

The light pink rose contrasting with the dark thread

How the petals are bound together to keep them closed

How the vagina is shown as a rose to show it being delicate and soft, bound together to distort it 

The layers within the rose 

The knotting in the thread to show restriction 

The image of something beautiful, gone 


One of my favourite images that I have for research. I find it particularly interesting because of how the body is not quite misshapen enough to be considered disfigured. However it is not entirely conventional either. I particularly like the emphasis on the single, circular breast which gave me the inspiration to tie my samples around circular hoops, while leaving some open in the centre to show a combination of "what society sees" and "whats actually going on." what society sees is plain skin, whats actually going on is a jumble of everything.

At the CSM final years fine art exhibition, I found the way the fabric was distorted by the circular ball really interesting because it played into my research with distortion. However this was an opportunity to to see material pulled down and distorted without it relating to the body in anyway. This also reminded me of some of the experimentation I did prior to seeing this exhibition where I tied rope around the neck of a model and and body of the model, trying to show something being weighed down. This also reminded me of some of my initial knit samples where the I had pulled apart and distorted the knit to create tension in the sample. This makes me think that there could be a way to put these sorts of shapes onto the body using sticks or rods to amplify the effects of the of distortion of the fabric, accept with the material going outwards to create a more interesting silhouette.

The circles in this research image really helped inspire the development of my final piece as it correlated with a separate research image I had seen which shows the figure with breasts in perfect circles, as well as other research images I had found where the body had been deformed. 

I was drawn to this image because of the colours used to "deface" the newspaper. I saw this image as showing how the media can perceive something to be a certain way using the newspaper and the coloured markings overtop providing the same idea as "calling bullshit" would or defacing a ballot when voting.

This piece is an example of something once perfect being torn apart and destroyed. When I first started thinking about this project, I initially wanted to work with distressed and destroyed fabric and did a couple of samples and experimentation with destroyed pink ballet satin and knit. However as I got deeper into the project I began to see that I wanted to look more at emotion and the inside being transformed onto the outside, along with distortion of the body. I still find this image of the distressed fabric interesting because of how loosely it falls on the canvas and the jagged edges, giving it a free yet distorted look, as if being released from the perfect image of society.

Crushed and dismantling of something that was once shiny and clean.

This sample was meant to incorporate the patch work/puzzle pieces theme as well as using colour to communicate emotion. I then took apart the sample and tied it together in different ways so that the colours showed in a more random way. This helped me with developing the idea of distortion and how things change the more you manipulate them. I also looked at how a sample can look incredibly different when constructed a different when, even when using the same painted strand of ribbon.

Peeling away the "mask" of the need to be perfect

Today I went to the CSM final years fine art exhibition and was really inspired by a lot of the pieces and ideas that I could incorporate into my own own. I saw a lot of work focused on distortion and the relocation of the body. I think that as I continue with this project I'm going to, instead of looking at the inside vs. the outside of the body, I'm going to start looking at body dysmorphia and how a distorted body is still a body.

Today while talking with one of my friends he described my work as "dark and playful." I found this really interesting as I have never thought of my work as dark or playful. However I can now definitely see what he means. This gave me a knew look at my project as a whole and made me see my final outcome completely differently. While my final outcome does look a lot at binding the body and using knots with rope, I also now see the circular samples across the chest now as less of "whats happening inside vs. outside" but more now the other side of being restricted and restrained, which is being free and open and playful. Another reason why I made the samples loosely around the metal rings is I wanted to give the illusion of breathing, as though free and unbound.

Breasts in the form of perfect circles as similar to how they are show in my research, sketchbook, and fine piece.

Looking through the "lens" to see the real and the distorted.

I noticed the patchwork/puzzle pieces format of this painting right away when I saw it and made me think about how different aspects and pieces of things are often pieces together to achieve one whole outcome. People often only ever see the outcome as a whole and struggle to see all the bits and pieces that come together to something whole.

This sculpture of the the ballet dancer that I saw while at the Tate Modern made me think of when I was a young ballerina on pointe. Everything always had to appear to be effortless and perfect. However my muscles would ache and my feet would be bleeding underneath my pointe shoes. Seeing this sculpture made me think of distress and being bound inside the body.  

Something once beautiful and delicate being burned and destroyed.

This image is very important to me as it holds a lot of meaning when it comes to, not just ballet, but the way people in society only see the "perfect" parts and never the reality of whats underneath.